How we purchase our beans

Economic and social sustainability go hand in hand with environmental sustainability. As such, we only work with growers who use sustainable practices that minimize any negative environmental impact from growing and processing coffee.

It’s not just about the quality of the bean...

Procaffè have developed strong long term and mutually rewarding relationships with the farmers that supply us with the finest crops, negotiating directly with these farmers to only purchase beans that are sustainably, ethically and sensibly grown and produced. We simply believe that buying quality coffee grown in this way, for fair prices, and negotiated directly with the producer, makes good business sense.

All negotiations are direct with the farmer, and not through stock markets. The prices are agreed based on markets prices, but with additional variables being taking into consideration, such as the quality of the beans, quantities available and the demand from the market.

This direct trade results in better quality beans, service, and consistency of product, with more money going directly to the farmers, giving them greater control of their livelihoods and income.