How our goals are achieved

The traceability of the raw materials is fundamental. The selection process must be carried out directly in the countries of origin, in which Procaffè has established solid relationships with their coffee growers based on the principles of collaboration and mutual trust: this is the only way to consistently guarantee the highest quality coffee harvests that are grown with the least environmental impact using approved farming methods.

Each batch is subjected to the evaluation of a panel of tasters; only those which have obtained top-class results in the cup test and which also boast a high quality level throughout the batch are purchased.

Cutting-edge technology, research and development, innovation and regular checks on farming production and roasting processes ensure consistency in our coffee and our practices.

In summary, every origin purchased by Procaffè is traceable, not just the country and region but back to the individual farm. Procaffè’s extensive search in finding these farms has always been paramount, not just to maintain the highest quality coffee, but also to provide fair working conditions and lifestyle to their employees.

All Procaffè’s products are compliant with
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, HACCP standards, SAN Certification System and are also certified as Kosher.